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Happy Forty-Six to US!

We're married! June 7, 1969

We’re married! June 7, 1969

“Edward, can you tell me what Marie is saying?” I am feeding them dinner and while our three year old grand daughter is quite articulate I still cannot quite catch what she is saying. So after several requested repeats I turn to her seven year old brother, Edward, for help.

“Yes,” he replies. It takes me a moment to realize he is telling me that she is saying, yes. Not, yes, that he can help me. Her yes is in the form of, “Of course.” Maybe Edward figured that was too advanced for me and went for yes as an easy alternative.

Before Donny and I get married we chat one night about how so many couples don’t make it, often throwing in the towel without even trying to make things work when the course hits a rough spot. Neither of us want to consider that possibility. And so I say, “How about we give it forty years and see how we feel then.” It’s a deal. That I instantly forget about until Donny reminds me on our fortieth anniversary.

We meet in November. Start dating in January. Become lovers in February. Get engaged in March. Get married in June. Six quick months together and then a life time commitment. This year we are celebrating our forty-sixth year on this fabulous journey.

But back to our fortieth. Donny reminds me of our deal. Shall we keep going he teases. I need no time to think. “Of course!”


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