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  1. Dear Sandy
    Thanks for featuring the gecko on your blogspot it’s great!!

  2. Linda Franklin Hube

    Hello Sandy,
    It’s Jett’s birthday, September 3, and I always call Keese on this date. Jett and I were friends – met in 1972 in a theater group on Wollop’s Island, VA. I lived with Jett, Keese, Martin, and Mart for a few months in the fall of 1972, and that lovely family has never left my heart. For whatever reason I thought I’d look up Jett’s name in Google before I called Keese today, and I found your lovely blog. How wonderful to hear of your Christmases, read about Martin and Keese meeting, and seeing photos of your grandmother’s house in Richmond, as well as photos of family members. I did meet your grandmother once, and did sleep over in that wonderful house. I remember the kitchen. I also slept over in the cabin on the bay, so it was lovely reading about it. Ah, so sweet. So I have subscribed to your blog and will look forward to reading your posts. Every family member of yours that I met was so warm to me, and I especially remember Rick, Stark, and I.G. Just wanted to let you know that there is someone in the world who loves and admires your family. And now, off to call Keese.

  3. sandy jett ball

    Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s nice to meet you via my blog. (Those tags work well to connect!) Keese and I chat quite often. I love that you call her on Jett’s birthday. I remember Jett loving and lamenting about that gig on Wallops Island. Ye Bear and Ye Cub or something like that, if I recall even close to the correct name. It’s wonderful that you got to spend more time with my zany family. We are in the process of selling the bay cottage before the entire lot washes into the bay. New post soon! And it’s about Mother Leigh.

  4. Linda Franklin Hube

    Amazing you remember Ye Bear and Ye Cub. Oh, my, what a summer that was – mostly miserable, with Jett’s required mosquito safari every night before bed – and “dramatic” difficulties amongst the actors and director. I would love to hear Jett’s retelling of those months. She was such a good storyteller. As are you. Thanks for your kind response. I just read your post for 9/4. Mother Leigh must have been something. Oh, of possible interest to you — Your Grandfather and grandmother lived in Martinsville, VA at one point, when Keese was small. She says she loved it. I was born there and grew up there. Small, connected world. I look forward to more postings on your site.

  5. sandy jett ball

    Jett could tell a good story that is for certain. You pretty much covered what I heard from her about that summer except maybe the body makeup and hair dye. Might you have family in Durham? I was noodling around. We have two sons in Durham, one in Raleigh, one here on the OBX and a daughter in NoVA. All married and with lovely spouses plus amazing grands.

  6. Jane kimball

    Sandy, just read your blog about the cottages. I have very fond memories of Dick and I g. Keene became a friend when I worked at the museum, she had wonderful whiskey parties. I miss the old days. Mplease give her my love and best wishes when you talk to her. We live in South Carolina so probably won’t get to see her.

  7. sandy jett ball

    Thank you for your kind remarks! I will give Keese your message. She is amazing!

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