I have always been an artist. Mom bought endless flat boxes of Prang crayons for me. they were the best. And it was an awesome day when she could afford the longest box with bronze, silver & gold. I studied art in high school. We destroyed the kiln doing experimental firing using mothballs (without permission). But the pieces turned out awesome!isa_760xN.8718952745_fyid

I studied art in college. Miami University, the real Miami in Oxford, Ohio not that other one in Florida, where I was born incidentally. And continued my art studies at Richmond Professional Institute of the College of William and Mary in Richmond, Virginia. I went to RPI back when it was a cozy little collection of art classes and studios in carriage houses type school. And painting classes on the top floor of the gym. Fun lugging canvases and supplies up three flights but better than risking the cantankerous elevator. Now it’s VCU and renown for its art influence but totally different, except for the real estate. David Allen Harvey was a popular student in the commercial art department but he would never remember me. I was fine arts. The two did not mix. We knew him as Dave.

I taught art at Varina HS where with not ever to be equalled co-sponsor, Virginia Mistr, we took a toss away yearbook to trophy level in one year.

I married Donny Ball from Sandston, we raised five amazing kids. And now have 10 soon to be 11 grands. This man, this wonderful man built me the studio you see pictured here. isa_760xN.9430998457_itciFinally I have my own working art space and it was well worth the wait.

Between having private camp for the grands and painting I have written a book series on the Easter Bunny and love. Hop on down the bunny trail to his page, Wellington Rabbit. He loves company.

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  1. Beverly Williams Burchfield

    Dear Sandy,
    At this time of the year it is always good to reconnect with old friends. You have come a long way from East Main Street School in Whitehall, Ohio. Sounds like life has treated you extremely well. Me too. I married my high school sweetheart and we will celebrate 55 years in a couple of weeks. We have two great kids, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild. We spent 28 years in the Air Force traveling this country. Retired in 93 and stayed in Omaha. We are very active in our community and I don’t think I would be as happy anywhere else. Both kids live a day’s drive away so we see them a few time a year. Very involved in church, quilt guild, sewing and embroidery groups and the local humanities scene. Great life. Hope your holidays are filled with joy and happiness. Stay healthy and happy.

  2. sandy jett ball

    Wow! Your life truly is rich! What an awesome story. After my family moved to NoVA as soon as we graduated, I changed to a college closer to home in Richmond VA where I graduated with a BFA and started working in advertising. After a few years, I jumped into teaching art at a local high school. I met Donny at a small church nearby and within six months we were married. Our fiftieth comes up this June. We moved to the OBX thirtyish years ago and started our own home business of testing for home schoolers. We have five kids (one girl and four boys) ten grands ( three girls and seven boys). No greats yet! But a lifetime of FUN experiences.

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