The real Wellington Rabbit who now lives in the WEB

Hello friends, welcome to my warren. Willis Warren to be exact. This is where I live with my friends. My name is Wellington. I was titled by my Uncle Wells to take over the job of Easter Bunny. Hoppity hop that was an exciting and scary moment in my life. Fortunately my new friend Georg was available to help out. His real name is George and that is how you pronounce it. He lost the ‘e’ but with some help we got it back. There are thirteen books in my tale which my amanuensis has faithfully recorded for me. Oh sorry you don’t know amanuensis? Perhaps scribe sounds more familiar. I like to use challenging words. One kind critic suggested that since I was telling my story for younger readers in particular perhaps easier words might be better. But I like to think my readers want to learn new words.

The links to each book are below. Feel free to pass them around. Even print them. And color the pictures if you like. I believe in the power of love, and spreading it far and wide can never be wrong. My biggest dream besides creating joy every spring for as many of the children of the world that I can with the help of my friends, is to see my stories in bookstores everywhere. Big beautiful hardbound colorful copies so that more and more children can enjoy them because not everyone has access to digital devices. It will happen with your help.

But for now if you click on any link you will get to a pdf copy of the entire corresponding book. Every book is ten chapters long with a full page illustration for each. The perfect read aloud bedtime story. Any book can stand alone so reading them in order is fun but not necessary although there is an arc that involves a bad rabbit. A VERY bad rabbit. You will see. Happy reading.

Wellington, The True Story of How Wellington Became the Easter Bunny

Wellington II Finds A New Friend

Wellington III Finds Help Along the Way

Wellington IV Friends to the Rescue

Wellington V Lost And Found

Wellington VI All Aboard

Wellington VII Barely There

Wellington VIII Enchanted

Wellington IX May-Day

Wellington X Double Take

Wellington XI Thyme After Time

Wellington XII Reverse!

Wellington XIII Here & Back Again

Wellington XIV Fixing Fixes