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Just BREATHE 4 7 8!

It’s free. Free. FREE!


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Everyone has complications and slumps right?

Everyone breathes right?

Sooooo…modify your breathing just a smidge and voila those complications will unravel like magic.

What, you say? Nothing can be that easy. Oh, but it is. It really, really, really, really is.

And the best part. You’ll notice how things that used to MATTER don’t matter as much any longer.

Here goes! Follow these complicated directions. It only takes a few seconds. 19 to be exact. And with a five cycle recommended limit we’re talking about a minute and a half of your time. One minute plus 35 seconds. 95 seconds. Tops. And that is if you are counting by seconds. It can be shorter or longer. Just keep the rhythm. My cycle tends to be shorter.

It’s an absolute. And we rarely speak in absolutes around here because well life ain’t absolutely that absolute.

Rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth just behind your teeth. Keep it there throughout.

INHALE quietly for a count of 4.

HOLD your breath for a count of 7.

EXHALE with a whooshing sound for a count of 8.

REPEAT up to five times BUT no more in any one cycle.

Repeat the cycle as often as you like throughout the crappy day. The happy day. The day.

That’s IT. The MORE you do this the more effective it becomes. It’s your own natural drug. Trust me. It works.

Free. And you have the tools with you all the time.

You are going to laugh and say sure something so simple as that is not going to do Anything.

What have you got to lose? But a lot of stress. And 95 seconds that you probably just spent that and more of complaining about how this day is not going like you want it.

4 7 8 who do we appreciate? Ourselves!

Print this page or get a copy of THE book where I list even more good things to do for yourself .


Every day is your day. Breathe 4 7 8 and own it!


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