Bill Northern THE Horse Whisperer

Bill explains energy flow

“I didn’t get my apple.” Bill Northern, rookie dowser, stops in his tracks. He is on his way to the house to have a morning chat with a good friend. Her horse has something for Bill to tell her. Bill looks at the horse who repeats, not TV star Mr Ed style, but direct mind to mind communication style. “I didn’t get my apple today.” Bill nods, heads into the house to report. His friend assures Bill that she has given out the daily apple. And then she pauses, “Wait, no I haven’t.”

And with that Bill Northern becomes an official horse whisper. It’s his first real breakthrough. He goes on to make a career out of talking to horses and reporting their needs and concerns to owners. He and his wife travel to New Zealand first class paid by clients he is in such demand. He works in Hawaii and Florida.

Bill only starts out to be a sometimes dowser and takes a class out of curiosity. He isn’t very good at it and decides that maybe dowsing isn’t his thing. He practices at home but with little success until the day the horse speaks to him. Crystal clear, it is animals, horses in particular, that he is supposed to work with.

I read about Bill in a full page feature write up in The Daily Break of the Virginian Pilot. It is fascinating. I am delighted to see that he lives in Warsaw on the Northern Neck of Virginia which is the neck of the woods where my family hails from. I don’t know him but we are already bonded.

This is in the early nineties. A decade plus later I am seeking counsel with a long time lawyer friend, Gordon Wilkins, for help with my mom’s paperwork. He and his wife (dorm mate from college) live in Warsaw. The three of us are having lunch at a local popular always crowded eat and run place when in walks this person casually dressed wearing a dapper gentleman farmer hat. I notice him because he’s noticeable in a quiet but dynamic way. Gordon looks up just then and says, “Hey, there’s Bill Northern!”

Bill teaching dowsing

I cannot believe this. “You know Bill Northern? I’ve always wanted to meet him!” Gordon hails Bill over to the table and invites him to lunch with us. Bill is happy to do so. He gets his lunch. We all chat. I explain how much I am intrigued by his work. He says that he is getting ready to drive to Florida for some sessions and would I like to go. It’s an honest invitation, not at all a come on. I truly consider it for a moment but home responsibilities, although to their credit Donny & Lewis will support any decision I make, tug me to say not this time but ask me again.

Bill and I connect later when I discover through his webpage that he teaches dowsing classes. Donny & I want to take one. I check in with Bill. He explains that the way it works is if he feels like folks are ready for the experience he will add their name to his list. When the timing is right he will arrange a class of four and alert you. If your calendar is clear you will spend a day learning all about dowsing in the comfort of Bill’s home and he even includes lunch and gives you basic dowsing take home tools. Donny & I are accepted together into a class. Even though I’ve taken several cranial sacral workshops and so know a bit about energy fields, Donny does the best. He’s a natural.

Cathie Morrison & Bill. Cathie has tremendous light energy.
Bill explains a point to Lynda Wood

Months later I take a group of girl friends for a class. Bill is elated over my energy field exclaiming that it is so big. Mom brings her dog Molly for a reading. Bill has helped mom with a dog she fostered telling her that the dog needs to be in a one dog family that will fawn over her. Mom is a little skeptical but finds the right home for Ginger and of course Bill is right.

Bill only accepts people with the right energy flow. Once I suggested a friend that actually lives near Bill and he said that she wasn’t ready. Currently two friends have been accepted for Bill’s next class. I cannot wait to hear about it. They are definitely ready and in for an awesome day with the infamous Bill Northern.

POSTSCRIPT: When I ask Bill about Mom bringing Molly to our class for him to assess her, he cordially agrees. As we continue our conversation about whispering with animals in general, I ask Bill if he ever works with cats explaining that we have many adoptees. He shakes his head and says, “Cats lie. They are impossible to work with. If they are very sick, they will tell the truth but that’s about it.”

Bill Northern, horse whipsperer


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4 Responses to Bill Northern THE Horse Whisperer

  1. Cary

    so cool, Sandy! glad to read this story. i was just going to ask about cats, as I definitely could use some help in that department as well. funny to read what you said he said about them. hmmm, guess I’ll keep putting up with the loud meows and incessant grumpihood of Iggy, my deaf cat who I know really wishes he could be an outdoor cat.

  2. Well it makes more ‘sense’ than the BSG finale.Cough.

  3. Denis Pelletier

    I first met Bill about 10 years ago at a Canadian Dowsers Conference in Toronto. His workshop and lecture there was quite informative and it involved much more than basic dowsing.

    The following day I had breakfast with him and we spoke extensively about his work with horses. The one tip he gave me that morning was to visualize what I was saying when communicating with my horses.

    After I returned home, I was alone on the farm and while feeding my girlfriend’s horses they got a bit agitated by something that appeared up in the hills next to their grazing area. (A couple days earlier we had a Cougar kill our colt so I suspect it was still around) and I rounded them up into their respective paddocks. While doing so, my yearling filly was quite excited and she hopped, reared up, and then fell backwards up against the gate. Her fetlock got lodged in between the top gate-hinge and the post. It was lodged in such a way that she had little room to move while stuck lying on the ground belly up.

    I was alone that day and I started to panic over the few options we both had in this situation… The tools were 100 yds away and I had to get over to the shed while she was stuck. I then remembered Bill telling me to always visualize what you are saying when communicating and the horses will understand. So I got down on my knees near her head on the ground and visualized her being calm and laying still, while telling her I would take care of her… I could feel her respond with calm immediately. I raced over to get a wrench and within 5 minutes I had the gate removed. The filly lied there the entire time and never once moved or struggled.

    That was 10 years ago and although she still has a bit of the same fire when she is excited, she will always calm down immediately when I ask her to. Thanks for everything you do Bill, and thanks for sharing your gift with so many people!

  4. sandy jett ball

    What a wonderful validation to Bill’s work!

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