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Not That Gecko

Horseshoe gecko by Charlie

Horseshoe gecko by Charlie

Go away Geico. I don’t need you or your gecko. I have a better one. See. And mine is a gift. A surprise gift. Made of recycled horseshoe pieces with horseshoe nails for toes.

He’s really grey but when I was tweaking the photo I liked the way the green color changed in the background. So I left it. Because like Charlie says, explaining why he paints some of his geckos and not others, geckos change color to blend in with their surroundings. My gecko is doing exactly that.

Horseshoe gecko arrived in the mail yesterday. I really haven’t ordered much lately and was pondering what I did order that I forgot about as I opened the package.

Dear Sandra,

Sorry for taking so long to get this to you. This is the second of my horseshoe geckos (my wife Sheila got the first one). The first one I made I used new horseshoe nails for the toes. I went to the horseshoe supply store and they were closed. So yours is even made with used horseshoe nails (totally recycled). I didn’t paint it, geckos take on the color of their surroundings and you’re probably a much better painter than I. Hope you like it.

Charlie Desert Flats Farm

No, Charlie I don’t like it. I LOVE it!

Charlie and I met on Etsy. His shop Desert Flats Farm Store caught my eye when I was creating an Etsy Treasury. He had some awesome sculptures made from recycled cool stuff and so I added one to my Treasury. Charlie thanked me and we chatted a bit about our shops. He liked my BitchSLAPBoards. I told him that I collected quotes from everywhere and had more than I could paint. He followed with, Here’s one more quote to add to dilemma. It’s from a friend of mine. “It’s not that I’m unambitious. It’s just that I started at the bottom and liked it there.”

I loved it and told Charlie I’d put it on a board for him which I did. I added another board into the mailing for fun, one that Charlie had admired. When Charlie & Sheila got their package they were delighted.


Desert Flat Farms geckos

Dear Sandra,

Thank you very much for the signs, they’re Great!!! I’ll show the one to my friend “Big Al” when I talk to him next. I have an idea of what I want to send you. It will the first one I make, so it might take me awhile. I can’t believe that you can look out your window and see where the Wright Brothers made their first flight. When I look out my back door all I see is a little mountain, well not too little of a mountain, okay, a big mountain called Pikes Peak.

Thanks Again Talk to you Soon

Charlie & Sheila





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