Sum Fun(d) Raising


I don’t have any subscribers?

Not money, you say scanning the title of this post. She can’t be asking for money. What could she possibly want money for? Don’t go there. Lots and lots of things is the answer. But this post is not about that. This post is about support. What I am asking for is a tiny moment of your time.

I need you to subscribe to my blog. That’s it. Seriously. No strings. Just helping a gal feel the love.

It’s simple. You scroll to the top. Or if you’re already there because you’re on a dinosaur screen like a laptop or even desk top look to the right. Find where it says. YES! SUBSCRIBE TO SANDYBEACHGIRL NEVER MISS A POST and right below that a note in red that says Your e-mail address with an empty box below that. Click on the box, type in your email address and then hit the Subscribe button below that. I know, some of you don’t need all these instructions. But some faithfuls do. Thanks for being patient with them.

That covers it. You might get an email asking you to verify that you did this. If so click on the link (highlighted part) and answer the question which usually goes something like, Yes, I really do want to receive SandyBeachGirl post updates.


Wait! Now I do have subscribers.

That’s all. You’re done. Thank you SO much. Really you don’t even need to read a single post. Of course I very much want you to but I know we’re all busy and time needs to be prioritized. So even the couple of minutes it takes to read my posts, because I do keep them short, can just not be part of your time allotment for that day. I get it. And not every post will sound interesting to you (oh no!). Yeah, I get that too. I subscribe to lots of blogs and I don’t read every post. But I do like to know that a blog has been updated and I choose to skip over it rather than Just.Never.Know. a good post for me to enjoy came along and I missed it.

I’m not in this for the money. No not your money ever here (buy my art if you want to send money my way), the money a blogger can get for lots and lots of people reading your posts. You need hundreds nay thousands of readers (or actually just folks that open the page they don’t even have to read) to make any money this way. It happens. I know of bloggers who have those thousands and even hundreds of readers per post. I’m pretty happy with a double digits readership per post.

Thanks for subscribing during my Fun(d) raising. Oh and pass the word. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell the person next to you in the grocery line.

I’m feeling the love already!

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